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10.  september 2017
Skráning hefst í febrúar 2017


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The event

Cycling downtown Reykjavík, in Laugardalur and to Þingvellir national park.

Tour of Reykjavik has variations of cycling routes for everyone that is interested in cycling. The race will take place on September 10 th 2017 in Laugardalur. Participants can ride all the way to Þingvellir one of Iceland´s most beautiful national parks or enjoy shorter paths downtown Reykjavík. We want to meet the expectations of the youngest cyclists by having a kid’s race.
Goal of the event is to let the public participate in cycling events and strengthen the achievement levels of racing in Iceland. We are hoping that participation of foreign riders will increase every year that will encourage and inspire Icelandic riders.
The event is the second weekend in September and the start and finish line is in front of Laugardalshöll where riders gather before the start. Race package pick up with bib number, chip for timing etc. is Saturday 10th of September in Laugardalshöll Sports Hall (linkur á staðsetningu), Engjavegur 8, Reykjavík. It will be open from 12 – 15 and you can also register at the expo. Online registration closes Friday 9th of september 2016 at 23:00 PM. Awards ceremony will take place in Laugardalshöllin Sports Hall after the race and prices will be awarded for 1.-3. place in 110km and 40km category.
The competition is controlled from Laugardalurinn and the LOC committee will have their offices there. This is the first time in Icelandic history that safety cars, police, judges and other service cars will follow the racers in the longest categories.
Our motto is „ Cycling for everyone“
Press the picture to see the program and map of the start and finish zone.

tor marksvaedi 2016


Tour of Reykjavik has four different paths so everyone can choose one that suits their performance and age.


The race is through a scenic and challenging route from Laugardalur to Þinvellir national park and Nesjavallarleið. Riders ride through Grafningur and Mosfellsheiði on the way back, past Harpa and to the finish in Laugardalur. The last 13 km are on the same route as 40/13 km. This category is for experienced rider. Participants can finish the race on their own goals. We also have a team race (see rules).
Race starts at 8:45 from Laugardalshöll Sports Hall . Riders gather on the parking lot in front of the Icelandic soccer stadium (look at map) and enter the start zone when the 40km race has begun. Riders will ride together in a group and accompanied by the police to Miklabraut, were the formal start will take place, in two different gender groups. Service cars will follow the racers in front and back. The time limit is five hours.
The first racer in each age group to finish will get a prize. The prizes for the team competition will be handed out at the Reykjavík Sports Union office Engjavegur 6 in Laugardalur from 13th of September between 9 – 16 hrs. We will have King of the mountain on Nesjavallaleið and Polar sprint when racers go through Mosfellsbær.
All participants in 110km race are invited to accept a warm cup of Mexican chicken soup after the race on the second floor in Laugardalshöll Sports Hall and free entrance to Laugardalslaug swimming pool. The first 250 participants that register to 110km race will receive a high quality long-sleeved outdoor shirt from Cintamani.


The route is from Laugardalur to Skeifan. From Skeifan to Hringbraut and downtown Reykjavík. Taking the Sæbraut to the finish in Laugardalur. Every contestant goes 3 circles on this route which will be closed to traffic which will create an electric atmosphere and exciting competition. This route should fit for both riders and public bikers.
Race starts at 8:30 from Laugardalshöll Sports Hall. Riders gather on the parking lot in front of the Icelandic soccer stadium (look at map) and enter the start zone. It is important that participants estimate their race time and place themselves in the appropriate pace area. Pace area will be at the start due to safety to avoid congestion and collisions during the first kilometers. Automatic timing will be used with a timing chip. No chip= no time. Participants will get free entry to Laugardalslaug Swimming pool


One race circle at a route which is closed for traffic. Participants will enjoy racing on empty streets of Reykjavík. Everyone races at their own pace through the race. The race circle is from Laugardalur to Skeifan, from Skeifan to Hringbraut and then downtown Reykjavík. Taking the Sæbraut to the finish line in Laugardalur. Automatic timing will be used with a timing chip but participants can choose if they want timing. No chip= no time. There are no prices in this category. This race is perfect for families to together, suits for kids from 10 years old.
The race starts at 10:00 hrs from Laugardalshöll Sports Hall. Every participant will get free entry to Laugardalslaug Swimming pool

Kids race

The kids track takes into account the age of the participants and we hope to make the experience memorable. The kids will race a small circle in Laugardalur ( linkur). The route suits kids from 4 – 12 years old, it would be safest if the youngest where accompanied with their parents. No automatic timing is at the race and no prices except for the pleasure of participating. Hjólakraftur organizes the race but the organization has been growing in the Icelandic cycling movement.
The start is at 14:00 hrs from Laugardalshöll Sports Hall and participants get free entry to Laugardalslaug swimming pool after the race.

Traffic disturbance

It is necessary to close streets while Tour of Reykjavik race takes place. On the map below you can see exactly what streets are closed at what time. The map will open in a new window when you press it. You need to press stop – and triangle marks to get specific information about each street.



Okkur er öryggi þátttakenda efst í huga. Vinsamlega lesið reglurnar vel og virðið þær þegar í keppnina er komið.

1. The purpose of the rules is first and foremost to ensure the safety of riders so we ask participants to show the organizers understanding and follow them.
2. General traffic laws apply to every participant although service cars will follow mostly riders in the lead.
3. Competitors can register teams of 3-5 riders. The overall score of the team is based on the three best finishing times in men’s and women’s category. At least 3 riders in the team have to finish. Teams may not combine genders.
4. Every team in the team competition can apply for a service car in the 110km race otherwise they are not allowed. The organizers decide what teams can have a service car and who can´t. Too many service cars on the track can be dangerous. The service car can help with clothes, tires, wheels, handlebars etc. It is allowed to change rims in the competitions.
5. Driving on the track:
a. Service car/Noise car leads the first racers in 13km/40km and 110km all the way from start to finish.
b. Motorcycle cops will lead in the 110km race course, the route isn´t all closed for traffic.
c. Motorcycle cops will lead in the 40km and make way for the leading racers from other racers and external factors.
d. With the leading cars there will be red marked judges cars (one in 13km, one in 40km and three in 110km)
e. Service car/drawer follows the participants and picks up the ones that give up, broken bikes and other equipment off the track.
f. Media car follows the leading racers in 110km race.

6. All participants must wear a bicycle helmet during the race.
7. TT bars, long handle bar ends and comparable equipment is not allowed in the 110km and 40km race. Short handle bar ends, are allowed. All bicycles are allowed except ITT frames are not allowed.
8. Any type of regular bicycle (not including recumbents) are allowed in the race. Participants are requested to ensure that any unnecessary attachment to the bikes are either removed or secured properly, in order for these to not pose risks to other riders.
9. Automatic timing is in all the races except the kids race, we only guarantee the time chip in 40km and 110km. All participants have to follow the instructions on how to attach the chip to their bike. No chip= no time. Every participant has to return the chip after the race.
10. Littering, of any trash, such as food containers, gel packets, or wrappings, tubes, etc. is strictly prohibited, and will result in either time penalty or disqualification.
11. Participants are at their own risk in the race. If anyone gets injured he shall call the emergency hotline (112).
12. Insurance: Very expensive bikes need to be specially insured at your own insurance company and it would be wise to be accident insured.
13. The competition takes place mainly on open roads and participants have to follow the traffic rules every minute for example. When they meet cars etc.
14. Participant has crossed the finish line when the foremost part of the front wheel touches the fore edge of the finish line.
15. Safety rules in traffic:
a) If you stop, move right away to the road edge.
b) If you need to quit the race, move the bike off the road but be visible to the service cars of Tour of Reykjavík so they can help you.
c) Tour of Reykjavík route is to some extend on national highways so riders should not ride side by side for safety reasons. We recommend that unexperienced participants should not ride in groups.
d) Save your energy and start slowly so you can make it to the finish line.
e) Don´t pass other riders unless it is safe.
16. Clothes: Dress according to weather, it can be unpredictable
17. It is forbidden to use other transports as shelter in the race.
18. In the 110 race participants start at the same time from Laugardalshöll but when the race has entered Miklabraut were the formal start will take place, in two different gender groups. Until then the group is in one group (controlled start).
19. At the last 100m sprint the participant hast to ride in a straight line without any exception, with at least one hand on the handlebar. If you brake that rule the participant will be placed to last place in his category. If the behavior doesn´t affect the results of the final sprint the judge can give the participant a warning.
20. Photoshoot: Reykjavík Sports Union reserves the rights to use photos and video clips of the participants for marketing purposes.
21. Breaking the rules:
a. If riders are in non-compliance to the rules they may be disqualified.
b. The organizers reserve the right to stop any participant that doesn´t follow the rules.

** Service cars are allowed on the track. The teams that are going to have a service car need to apply and put the cars registration number, name of the driver and mobile phone number on the application.
The Local organizing committee has to remind participants that the refreshment stations are located at KOTM on Nesjavallaleið, Polarsprint in Mosfellsbær and Cintamani station in Pósthússtræti. Servicecars ar not allowed to drive up to the participants and give them the time.

Age categories
Men’s and women’s
• 15 years and younger
• 16-18 years
• 19-29 years
• 30-39 years
• 40-49 years
• 50 years and older

Competitors can register teams of 3-5 riders. The overall score of the team is based on the three best finishing times. At least 3 riders in the team have to finish. Teams cannot combine genders or age groups.


Online registration Tour of Reykjavik is closed. Race package with bib number, chip for timing etc. is Saturday 10th of September in Laugardalshöll Sports Hall between 12 – 15 hrs. We will also have race packages in Laugardalshöll from 7:30 on Sunday 11th of September. The registration fee is non – refundable. Tap here to see the registration of participants. Not everyone wanted their name to appear on the participation list.


Date 14.07.16 - 26.08.16 27.08.16-10.09.16
Kids race (2km) 1.200 1.500
13km 2.400 3.000
40km - 13 years and older 4.800 6.000
110km - 18 years and older 9.600 12.000


Click here for the results for Tour of Reykjavik 2016.
Comments on the results shall be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Participants can approach their age prices at the Reykjavík Sports Union offices at Engjavegur 6, from 13th of September between 9 – 16 hrs.

The race will be broadcasted live at Rondo, FM 87,7.


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